Reflections on Dublin’s All Ireland Victory

Now that the dust has settled after Dublin’s epic All Ireland win against the men from the kingdom, my reflections on the match are as follows. The never give up attitude and ‘we are not accepting defeat today’, was Dublin’s ace in the pack. The levels of fitness both teams showed was extraordinary, this does not come about by accident, for lads that have to go to work on a Monday morning (for those that have work) and train in their spare time they have achieved levels of fitness for their sport that are every bit as good and sometimes better than a professional sports person. Their skill levels were also extraordinary, it is easy to look good when you have time and space but there was precious little space available on Sunday and we still witnessed some superb points and goals. Great credit is also due to the managers, coaches and staff of both teams.

Footnote: The dedication and commitment of the GAA footballers (and hurlers) that don’t make it to the all Ireland final is every bit as good (in most cases) as the ones that do and sometimes even better, especially the players from counties who have no real hope of getting to an All Ireland Final or whose counties have never graced an All Ireland Final Day.

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