Core stability and core strength – What’s the difference?

My clients tell me that they are working on their core stability on an on going basis, if this is true then their incidence of muscle pulls back problems etc should be reduced. This reduction does  not always follow, as what the vast majority of them are doing is working on core strength, in otherwords their six pack and the global  core muscles.

Very few have been shown how to develop the actual core stability muscles (transversus abdominis & multifidi muscles), these are the deepest muscles of the stomach, which research has shown if developed properly will contract a fraction of a second before any other muscle in the body contracts. It is very simple to do once you have been shown the technique and 5 mins a day 5 days a week will result in 1. an extremely firm stomach 2. greater feeling of strength 3. reduction in injuries.

It would probably take approx 3 months of doing the exercises deligently to really notice the difference. If you are interested in been shown this simple technique give me a call on 086-8343711

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