Dublin – All Ireland Champions 2011, 18th September 2011

It was great to see the Dubs win at Croke Park on Sunday and many congratulations to them; the players did themselves, their county, their clubs and their families proud. Commiserations to the Kerry team and their supporters, who as always were magnanimous in defeat, indeed Kerry in my experience have always been good losers (when my own county beat them in 2002, every Kerry supporter that passed me high up in the Hogan stand congratulated me on our win) and good winners (when I was involved with Mayo in 1997 they did no gloating or show boating in the Burlington at the post match meal which both teams attended on the Monday, and they too were a credit to their county, their clubs and their families).

Congratulations to the Tipperary minors, the winning goal was one of the best I have ever seen in Croke Park.

Footnote: Although the bookies had Kerry as clear favourites the Irish News GAA All Stars of 2011 were asked their opinion on Friday, 10 went for Dublin and 5 for Kerry!

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